A very big thank you to those of you who visit our site and keep an active interest in the rhino poaching tragedy. Our rhinos are in very deep trouble, the poaching threat is ever-evolving and increasingly sinister while the challenges and dangers mount against rhino reserves and their brave rangers. Irrespective of how hard this gets we are committed for the long haul, and for our rhinos sake we’re counting on you too……

2015: 239 + (unofficial)
R 5 568 170,00
Pilots against poaching AVIATION AGAINST POACHING  



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Darryl Rudman
Cheryl Raath's Rhino Bars



Dr Alex Kendziorski ($7 500.00)


and Dr Georg Kraus



Over R20 000.00

Heart for the Wounded
Tobie Reyneke

Over R50 000.00

Cheryl Raath's Rhino Bars

Over R100 000.00


Over R200 000.00



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StopRhinoPoaching.com PROUDLY SUPPORTS

Actively involved in the fight against rhino poaching with a national footprint for strategic funding of security initiatives and ranger support, StopRhinoPoaching.com's areas of impact include:
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Welcome to StopRhinoPoaching.com

South Africa's rhinos are in crisis, and we're doing everything we can to help by channeling public support to selected key reserves and rhino security projects. You will have heard that there is no 'silver bullet' to end rhino poaching and that it's an incredibly complex battle. Never have truer words been spoken. While there are numerous organisations addressing various focus areas, we concentrate on the very basics - keeping rhinos alive and buying them time while diplomatic solutions are found. We're committed for the long haul, and its going to take all of us to win this.
Since the start of the poaching epidemic in 2008 South Africa has lost over 4000 rhinos - a figure that, despite so much effort, increases daily. Coupled with the increasing poaching figure comes the question – why after all this are we still losing more rhino than ever? Sadly, few people realize the challenges facing those on the frontlines – thousands of kilometers to patrol with little to no idea of where the poachers plan to hit next. At this stage the poachers have the upper hand – they know when, they know how, and if need be they’ll just come back another day or hit a softer target. The organised crime syndicates that run poaching gangs are ruthless, often involved in other syndicated crime like vehicle theft and cash-in-transit heists. Rhino horn is just another commodity to them, but with less risk. They have established networks, including insiders within the authorities, and strive to make connections with reserve staff to disclose information on rhino and ranger locations. Corruption, at the end of the day, is our greatest enemy.
Bearing this in mind, intelligence driven operations (knowing the when and the how) are the cornerstone to cracking the level 1 and 2 syndicates (see our Learn More About Poachers page), which is why we’re putting as much available funding into investigations and informant networks as possible while at the same time still focusing on training and special equipment. Winning the hearts and minds of communities living around rhino reserves is paramount to intelligence gathering and many reserves are working closely with their communities in this regard.
There has been a large proliferation of level 1 poaching gangs, with new gangs becoming involved all the time. There is evidence of gangs hiring in guns and/or shooters from other gangs, gangs splitting to form new gangs and some gangs selling horns off to the highest bidder. Mozambique has a lot to answer for when it comes to doing far too little too late to address the poaching situation, though at least towards the end of 2013 this seems to be changing. Their citizens illegally breach our border, armed with illegal semi-automatic/automatic weapons (on its own an act of terrorism and a matter of National Security) with the intent to kill rhinos in Kruger. Mozambique is upset that South African's are killing their people, yet never mind the threat to our rangers and troop's lives this side. The community upliftment from poaching profits in Mozambique is staggering, poachers openly call themselves 'professional hunters' and have become "Robin Hoods" in their communities...all factors that make up the complex web of challanges that need to be tackled. Although there is great emphasis on Mozambique, the damage being caused by local South African organised crime gangs is of grave concern.
Reflecting back over the last few years since StopRhinoPoaching.com’s launch in June/July 2010, to where South Africa is today, noteworthy progress has been made (though we still lack an influential political champion). Mobilizing a country is no easy task, let alone getting everyone to pull in the same direction, and the synergy that has been forming amongst various stakeholders and role-players in encouraging to see.
The figures are soaring despite so much effort by so many good people. That said, too many rhinos still die because of ineffective systems (especially the SAPS), the lack of political will, empathy and sheer bloody negligence. SRP.com will continue to channel funding towards specific projects, putting as much as we can into areas containing larger rhino populations that are managed by DEDICATED and RESPONSIBLE conservation minded rhino owners/custodians. There are many groups doing their bit in areas where they can make a difference. Our focus is on the rangers, APU's, security and managers - the thin green line that stands between the poachers and the rhinos. Some days are soul destroying, the sheer vastness and cruelty of what we are up against is overwhelming, but no matter how bad it gets we have to keep on trying. No matter what, all of you, please don't give up.
Thank you to the NWCRU, individuals within the SAPS Hawks and Stock Theft Units, prosecutors, investigators, security companies, responsible rhino owners, reserve managers, staff, APU rangers, NGO's, rhino champions and all those who strive day and night to keep rhinos safe. Thank you too to everyone who has supported the cause.


For a review of what StopRhinoPoaching.com has achieved for rhino, please click on our e-booklet below.
To every person out there who has had the unforgettable experience of encountering a rhino. To each of you out there who has always longed to do so.
 To anyone who calls themselves a lover of nature, a supporter of conservation, a human being, let’s stand together as a nation proud and DO SOMETHING.
My sincerest thanks to all who have supported StopRhinoPoaching.com, the success of this site is all thanks to you. Please, we have to keep on fighting. - Elise Daffue, Founder.
Focus areas for SRP support in 2015 are Phinda in KZN, Swaziland's Mkhaya, the Provincial Rhino Reserve we support in the Eastern Cape (name withheld) as well as Kruger National Park Special Projects.
For a full breakdown of all that SRP.com and its supporters have done for rhinos, please click on the e-booklet below.


Special thanks and appreciation to all our donors.

R1 000 000.00 raised by CTM

R17 000.00 from African Creative

R11 619.55 raised for GRU

R279 921.96 from International Rhino Foundation for projects with Nyathi APU

R115 847.35 to date from SA Express's SRP Collection Boxes.

R157 669.00 to date from Cheryl Raath's delicious Rhino Bars.

R60 380.00 raised from The Rhino Climb for Phinda

R58 837.00 raised from 94.7 for Phinda

R139 312.01 from Almanac Publishers

R72 931.00 towards a Rhino Dog for Timbavati

R48 000.00 to date from Timeless African Safaris Function

R5 005.00 from PNet

R24 009.55 from BushStraps for sale of SRP Merchandise

R12 980.00 from Olienhout Republic

R8 017.05 from Somerset College Pupils

R162 691.50 from International Rhino Foundation - institutional support to SRP

R276 877.50 from Internationl Rhino Foundation for our E Cape Reserve Project

R2 000.00 Misc donation

R3 500.00 from Rogz

R5 000.00 from Victoria and Alexandra Seale

R10 000.00 from J de Beer

R5 422.80 from Bennie

R21 400.00 from Run4Rhinos for our Rhino Dogs Project

R5 000.00 from Michiel and Friends

R10 000.00 from Ryano Lieselk

R5 044.00 from Kenridge Primary

R25 000.00 from African Creative's Locked Horn Project

R10 000.00 from The Holiday Club

R30 000.00 from Western Cape Caterers

R10 000.00 from the GRU Wine Auction

R2 000.00 from Siza Rhino

R6 370.32 from BushStraps for SRP merch sales

R7 080.00 Smaak Screen Guards, Above and Beyond

R1 590.00 from Dainfern College - Rhino Bands

R12 485.33 from BushStraps for Rhino Merch Sales

R2 000.00 from our dear friend Darryl Rudman

R7 000.00 from Hans Merensky High School

R20 000.00 from Alu-Cab - Thanks Jeremy and Mich!

R18 000.00 from SANSOR who purchased 150 keyrings for their AGM

R1 000.00 from Robin Rimmer, in loving memory of his wife Tania who passed away in February this year. Our thoughts are with you Robin

R150 000.00 from Master Trucking allocated to the Provincial Eastern Cape Rhino Reserve we support

R51 713.70 via Paypal donations

R15 188.20 from Fourways High School

R5 649.30 from Lite Optec

R5 710.17 from BushStraps from SRP merch sales for March

R194 905.56 from BB Cement for support to Phinda and Kruger Special Projects

R32 000.00 from BushStraps from their SRP Rhino Survival Bracelets

R147 889.43 from Jenna Clifford - Jenna Clifford Rhino Range proceeds

R2 350.00 from Jenna Victor's 7th birthday. Donations instead of gifts (X Jenna)

R5 612.83 from BushStraps for SRP merch sales Jan and Feb

R6 000.00 from Epoch Resources

R3 147.10 from Uplands Prep in White River (thanks Summer!)

R29 625.00 from SMAAK Screen Guards from Above and Beyond

R54 409.00 from RNE Engineering and Projects (half from RNE's personnel and equalled by the Company Directors on behalf of the Company) Thank you!!


Thank you to all the companies, organisers, clients, participants and supporters who made these donations possible. Thanks to each and every one of you we'll be able to do a lot more - together - to help our rhinos.

Thank you to our dear friend Phil Hatting for putting the following video together for us!


R150 000.00 to Munyawana Game Reserve / Phinda Security Projects

R87 664.76 to date on MTPA Ranger Tactical Trailer equipment

R67 712.00 to Big Game Parks, Swaziland for new rhino dog kennels

R14 449.25 on a laptop and camera equipment for investigations

R6 549.10 on equipment for investigations

R5 688.60 on MTPA's mobile dog unit

R4 500.00 on reflective vehicle signage and bibs for visible policing Northern Zululand

R3 800.00 on dashcams x 4

Risk Analysis Training course for 5 people


R216 000.00 for risk management technology for investigators

R84 246.00 on ruggedised laptops for investigations

R57 285.00 on an analysis training course

R25 035.95 on wheels for our Foxbat (R17 000 from African Creative)

R12 614.00 for two SRP Risk Analysis Workshops

R12 000.00 on Kruger National Park support

R9 500.00 on dashcams x 10

R6 965.00 for handsets for our Seecrypt secure communications project

R4 101.43 for spotlights and accessories

R2 757.50 on security vehicle decals for disruptive operations


R5 640.00 E Cape reserve gate cameras

R8 659.00 GRU

R3 284.00 towards KNP ECI support

5 trauma kits for various officials and security staff


R17 042.00 cameras for investigations

R35 597.96 Aircraft insurance for ZU-SRP

R15 607.00 on GPS's

R134 675.50 final phase of the IRF Ranger Base, E Cape Reserve

R2 197.92 Radio batteries, Manyeleti

R6 000.00 towards KNP ECI support


R53 733.10 for various laptops, cameras for investigations

R100 000.00 towards the IRF Ranger Base (Phase 2), E Cape Reserve

R7 156.92 to build MTPA dog kennels

R12 580.00 for our SRP KNP quarterly Think Tank meeting


R6 790.00 towards KNP Ops Room Comms

R100 000.00 towards the IRF Ranger Base (Phase 1), E Cape reserve

R216 000.00 for risk management equipment


R7 350.00 for suspect apprehension equipement

R6 000.00 towards KNP ECI support

R9 799.75 for a laptop for investigations

R3 000.00 for informant fees


R24 800.00 for camera traps and a cell comms booster for the reserve we support in the Eastern Cape

R16 792.49 towards support for Kruger Special Projects

R6 232.49 for backpacks, Mpumalanaga Parks Investigators

R13 671.00 for apprehension equipment for GRU (R10 000 from the GRU Wine Auction - thanks Kloppies!)

Dog Refresher Course for Bud and Seun, our tracker dogs in the E Cape

DNA kits for human DNA swabbing of poachers

15 Tourniquets for Kruger Special Ops Rangers


R31 854.17 towards perimeter security and radio comms in the E Cape reserve we support.

R2 200.00 for 20 pairs of camo balaklavas.

5 boxes of a specialised forensics tool donated by Forensic Crime Lab - thank you!


R7 350.00 towards reserve security in the Eastern Cape.

Refresher training for Nadia and Scorpio, SRP sponsored tracker dogs in Swaziland.

R22 800.00 towards special investigations in the Kruger National Park area.

Purchased 2 sets of post mortem knives.

10 boxes of Dermagrip examination gloves sponsored by Klinica SA - thank you!

R10 944.00 Trauma med packs for KNP Special Projects staff.


R25 000.00 towards equipment for Big Game Parks in Swaziland.

R34 684.50 to radio repairs and comms for the reserve we support in the E Cape.

R1 949.40 to CCTV repairs for the above reserve.

IT equipment for the GRU Ops Room as well as Operational Equipment for the GRU team via support from Jacaranda FM and the Martin Bester Drive's Give Kili Horns Fundraiser.


R147 889.43, rasied by Jenna Clifford and their Rhino Range, has gone towards ranger training and equipment for Phinda's WOW rangers. Thanks so much Dex, Jenna and all at JC!

R20 425.35, CCTV for the EC Prov Rhino Reserve we support.

R19 359.07, surveillance equipment for various security initiatives.

R11 300.00 to Sabi Sands, food support for Bobby Sniffer Dog.


R71 740.00 for Big Game Parks, Swaziland – Surveillance Equipment thanks to Bush Straps (R32 000.00) Above & Beyond Distributors - Smaak screen guards (R29 625.00) and SRP (R10 115.00)

R35 896.61 for Kruger Special Operations – Various equipment, ration packs (thanks Cheryl!)

R22 000.00 for Phinda - WOW Rangers thanks to African Creative?.

R14 000.00 for Kalserie – 4 x GPS’s, Radio Software thanks to Finditads.

R9 975.00 for Investigations via SRP funds.

4 more dogs Rhino Dogs, will have pictures soon:
Springbok (aka Scotty) tracker dog for Kruger from the SAA pilots.

Bobby, sniffer dog trained by MECHEM for Sabi Sands. Bobby was sponsored by The Dis-Chem Foundation via Jacaranda’s Purple Rhino Project.

Lola (aka Tikka) a beautiful chocolate GSP donated to us by Natasha du Plessis, tracker dog training and handler training via SRP funds.

Bejane, tracker dog training for Kruger via SRP funds.


SRP.com's PROJECTS AND PARTNERSHIPS...how, together, we're making a difference.

Summary of current fundraising partnerships. Please visit our Projects page for more details.

Above and Beyond Distributors - Smaak,  Almanac Publishers,  Alu-Cab,  Art @ 385, Best Build Cement,  Bush Straps, Charter Us, CTM, Dis-Chem Brooklyn,  Finditads, Heunis Steel, Jacaranda FM, Jenna Clifford, Locked Horn Project with African Creative, Olienhout Republic, Rhino Bars, Serentiy Crafts / Ruby Tuesday Jewelers, SA Express, Siza Rhino, Supreme Mouldings, Swazi Candles.


For more information on this initative, click here.



R143 025.00 to date from the amazing Cheryl Raath and her Rhino Bars


After numerous requests for an exclusive rhino jewelry range, we were delighted to have been approached by Dex Kotze, CEO of Jenna Clifford. Dex, a keen conservationist, has put his heart and soul into this project, as has everyone at Jenna Clifford. We are very proud to have partnered with the Jenna Clifford Rhino Project. Click here to view the collection.



   FUNDS RAISED SO FAR: R138 350.00!

JACARANDA FM's PURPLE RHINO PROJECT in partnership with StopRhinoPoaching.com

July - Well done to the Martin Bester Drive Team for R1.6 million pledged during their Give Kili Horns Campaign!


- 30 rangers trained and numerous handovers to rhino reserves, as well as the incredibly successful tracker dog fund raiser with The Wild, The Parlotones and SRP.com. AS OF MARCH 2013, ALL 11 TRACKER DOGS HAVE BEEN DEPLOYED  - Click here to see the Purple Rhino Project!


4 SRP.com dogs deployed, 11 Jacaranda FM dogs deployed, 7 currently training. click here.

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